Every cable is a promise

The durability – even under adverse conditions – the reliability and the quality of our products form the cornerstones of our success as a company. As a customer, you naturally expect to see a return on your valuable investment. Which is why we make every effort to offer you guaranteed quality every step of the way. For systems in use all day, every day.

Teamwork is everything

We think quality, energy and the environment are topics that belong together, so we have extended our ISO 2001:2008-certified QM system with environmental and energy management systems to create a fully integrated management system. The result is consistent and sustainable product quality. While developing our ICON Pro product family, we applied this approach to optimise material usage, significantly reducing energy consumption in manufacturing the cables. For 200 km of manufactured cable (equivalent to a mid-sized project) we save around 15 tonnes of CO2. That’s the volume of CO2 emitted by a mid-range vehicle after travelling around 113,000 km. Cutting costs – and saving the environment.

Trust the system – but verify all the same

Additional checks to safeguard our quality are provided by internal tests across the entire production cycle, coupled with monitoring and certification by independent test organisations, such as EAC, GOST-R, VDE, UL or CSA. Over 800 of our cable types have now been tested and certified by the Russian testing agency Elektrocert to the EAC and GOST-R standards. We are also able to apply over 650 separate UL styles for the manufacture and sale of products for the North American market. As our customer, this gives you the certainty that we meet your specifications and international standards in equal measure. Good for your peace of mind – and the safety of your systems.