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Every cable is a promise – which is why we utilise only the very latest technologies. Your requirements are the benchmarks our products have to meet. For connections that have to perform perfectly 24/7 – even in the harshest conditions. Your cables leave our factories produced to your specifications and already tested – letting you benefit from less testing and installation work.

Icon data transfer for process reliability

Data transfer for process reliability

We produce bus technology cables for process automation using foam-skin-core extrusion. All materials are matched to the application. The result is data cables that are capable of meeting the very highest data transmission standards.

Quickly installed even at extreme low temperatures and 100% safe

Our FRILON sheathing compound stays flexible in extreme cold and is used for products that are deployed in truly arctic conditions. Installable without heating to save you installation time, and offering maximum operational safety.

Resistant to chemicals and environmentally friendly

Our alternative to lead-sheathed cable is cable featuring ALNYC. This is a laminated sheath offering reliable protection against aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, such as oils, chemicals or petroleum derivatives. An easy win for the environment.

Total system/insulation integrity

Our ceramifying silicone insulation materials protect products with total system/insulation integrity. Ensuring they stay compliant with standards even in case of fire.

Material-optimised, sustainable and eco-friendly

Our ICON/ICON Pro family products for instrumentation and control engineering (ICE) reduce energy and material consumption at our suppliers and in our own manufacturing units. This is our proactive contribution to environmental protection and reducing CO2 emissions.

Irradiation crosslinking: resistant and thermally stable

Sheath materials cross-linked by irradiation offer excellent oil and chemical resistance as well as thermal stability. Our product ranges feature cables with irradiation cross-linked sheaths for ICE and energy applications.

Next generation fiber optic cables

We can offer our manufacturing know-how for your reliable and future-proof fiber-optic network with high transmission speeds. We produce high-purity fused silica glass preforms and optical fibers.

The right compound for the finishing touch

Compounds are the final touch that makes an ideal cable even possible. We have many years of experience in compounding and the global marketing of compounds for insulated coverings and jackets. Which means we can manufacture the perfect cable for your needs: cold- and chemical-resistant or with insulation integrity.

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