Oil & gas

Keeping pace with market growth and costs

Innovations power the engine of growth in the oil and gas industry. Today, fossil fuels are being harvested that would have been thought inaccessible just 20 years ago. For cable solutions, costs are a top priority, alongside safety and efficiency. Requirements for which we have the perfect answer, after 40 years in cable production.

Measure, control and calibrate in extreme conditions

Major fluctuations in temperature, oil-based compounds and acids all require safe solutions – and cables that offer 100% performance 24/7 even under these harsh conditions. All this is offered by our ICON series, developed for onshore and offshore energy production and produced according to national and international standards.

Staying in budget – and saving the environment

We’ve significantly reduced the CO2 emissions involved in producing our ICON products. Saving the environment and protecting your budget while keeping our quality unchanged. In a nutshell: the ICON family offers you a comprehensive product range for instrumentation and control engineering, tailored precisely to your specifications.

ICON Base Catalogue

Instrumentation cable acc. to EN 50788-2


ICON Base Flyer

… ensures reliable performance in all usual conditions.


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