Our ICON/ICON Pro product families

Our ICON product family offers instrumentation cables conforming to EN 50288-7, UL 13/2250 and UL 1277. Deployable immediately and tailored to your exact requirements. Or do you need an applications-based, cost- and environmentally-optimised solution? If so, our ICON Pro products are the right choice, and can be customised to your individual requirements. For the manufacture of our ICON products, we have significantly reduced energy consumption by optimising material usage – while naturally making no compromises on quality. For 200 km of manufactured cable – a mid-sized project – we save around 15 tonnes of CO2. That’s the volume of CO2 emitted by a mid-range vehicle after travelling around 113,000 km. Cutting costs – and saving the environment.

ICON Base/ICON Base Pro

For process reliability in instrumentation and control engineering. As a standard variant or as a customer-specific Pro solution.

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ICON Safe/ICON Safe Pro

Offering excellent properties in case of fire.

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ICON Chem/ICON Chem Pro

Resistant to chemicals, oils and other aggressive media.

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ICON Arctic/ICON Arctic Pro

For extreme low-temperature conditions.

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The ideal choice for process reliability in digital bus systems.

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First choice for flexible control cables.

For the reliable guidance and control of plant and machinery.

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